Babylon Communities

Babylon homes for sale are largely a mix of historical estates and more recently-constructed buildings. Communities within the Town of Babylon and their associated information are listed below.

The Town of Babylon is one of ten towns on Long Island within Suffolk County, New York. As of the 2010 US Census, the population of the town was 213,603 and its population density was 1,900/square mile. Originally, the region was named Huntington South. A man named Nathanial Conklin moved to the area with his family and eventually named the burgeoning town “New Babylon” after the ancient Biblical city. However, the town wasn’t officially formed until 1872, when a partition of the Town of Huntington met.

Historical places within Babylon include the Nathanial Conklin House, the Frank W. Smith House and the Sisters of St. Dominic Motherhouse Complex. Babylon also contains several state parks; the Belmont State Park, the Captree State Park, the Gilgo State Park and the Robert Moses State Park. The latter lies mostly on Fire Island, but part of it lies within the town as well.

[su_spoiler title=”Amityville”]Amityville is a village that lies within the Town of Babylon in Suffolk County, New York. As of the 2010 US Census, the population is 9,523 and its density was 4,534/square mile. The village has a total area of 2.5 square miles, of which 0.4 square miles of it is water. Amityville’s southern border is marked by the Great South Bay.
Amityville was originally called Huntington West Neck South, and was initially visited by settlers of the area seeking salt hay. By the mid seventeenth century Chief Wyandanch of the Montaukett Native Americans had given the first deed to land in the area. The origin of the name Amityville is of some debate; one account is that during a town meeting someone exclaimed, “What this meeting needs is some amity,” while another cites that local mill owner Samuel Ireland suggested naming the town for his boat, the Amity.
Amityville is notably the setting of the book The Amityville Horror by Jay Anson. The story of the book can be traced to an actual murder that occurred a few years before the book was published in 1977. Other notable locations include Amityville Station, Broadlawn Manor Nursing Home, the Lauder Museum, the Amityville Public Library, and the Amityville Village Hall. The area is home to six parks, which includes a nautical park, and a beach!
Amityville is home to the Island Drafting and Technical Institute, and lies within fifteen miles of larger schools such as Adelphi University, Molloy College, and Hofstra University. High school level students typically attend the local public school, Amityville Memorial High School. There are several public middle and elementary schools in the area, including Park Avenue School, Edmund W Miles Middle School, Northwest Elementary School and Bethesda Sda School.
The unemployment percentage of Amityville is below New York State averages, along with renting percentages.
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[su_spoiler title=”Babylon”]The village of Babylon is located in Suffolk County, New York. The village’s population is 12,166, according to the most recent US Census. Babylon’s population density is 4,300/square mile. The village’s official name is The Incorporated Village of Babylon. Residents mostly refer to it as Babylon Village in order to tell it apart from the Town of Babylon, wherein the village resides. The village is best known as a bedroom community with a substantial business and shopping district.
What now exists as Babylon Town and Village was initially a part of Huntington Town and called South Huntington. The area was lightly settled towards the end of the seventeenth century. The name Babylon originated at the beginning of the nineteenth century, when an influential local woman named Mrs. Conklin sought to name the village after the biblical city.
Notable areas in Babylon include Babylon Station, the Smith Street Pumping Station, the Babylon Theatre and the Babylon Public Library. There are three lakes within the village, Southards Pond, Argyle Lake and Hawleys Lake. Additionally, there are a number of different tourist attractions, including bathing beaches and golf courses.
Education in Babylon Village is simple. High school students seeking public education go to Babylon Junior-Senior High School. There are more options for middle and elementary public schools, such as Babylon Memorial Grade School, Babylon Elementary School and the Babylon Union Free District School. Larger universities and colleges in the area include Molloy College, Hofstra University, Dowling College, and Farmingdale State College.
The village of Babylon has median household income, median house value, number of rooms per house and percentage of population with a bachelor’s degree or higher are all above the state average.
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[su_spoiler title=”Copiague”]Copiague is a hamlet located within the Town of Babylon, in Suffolk County, NY. The hamlet has a total area of 3.2 square miles, of which 0.04 square miles is water. Copiague shares its southern border with the Great South Bay. The hamlet shares its other three borders with Amityville to the west, North Amityville to the north and Lindenhurst to the east. As of the latest US Census, Copiague’s population was 22,993. Its population density is 7,100/square mile. Copiague boasts a higher than average number of rooms per house than current New York State averages.
Copiague is often divided into three major peninsulas that are sometimes considered to be separate communities. The southwestern peninsula is known as Amity Harbor, the central peninsula is known as Copiague Harbor and the southeastern peninsula is known as Venice.
Notably, Copiague is home to the Amityville Harbor Club House, the Copiague Memorial Public Library, and Copiague Station. The latter serves as a major transportation hub. The hamlet has a public beach, Copiague Beach, located on the southwestern peninsula. Parks in Copiague include Tanner Park and the Indian Island County Park. The hamlet also has several creeks running throughout its borders.
Children of middle and elementary school age have a few options as far as public education goes. Copiague Middle School, Deauville Gardens Elementary School, Susan E Wiley School, Great Neck Road Elementary School and others all serve the area. High school age students wishing to attend public school can attend the Walter G O’Connell Copiague High School. Larger universities and college in the area include Adelphi University, Dowling College, Molloy College and Hofstra University.
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[su_spoiler title=”Deer Park”]Deer Park is a residential hamlet located within the Town of Babylon, in Suffolk County, NY. As of the latest US Census, the population was 27,745. Its population density is 4,500/square mile. The total area of Deer Park is 6.2 square miles, all of it land. The hamlet is located in the northeastern corner of Babylon, within the pine barrens. Deer Park boasts higher than average number of rooms per house than the NY State averages.
The hamlet of Deer Park grew from Jacob Conklin’s early seventeenth century settlement of what would come to be known as Wheatley Heights. What we now know as Deer Park started when Charles Wilson established a productive and large farm in 1853. Up until the post-World War II industrial boom, Deer Park was a largely agricultural town. After the war, industrialization prompted other types of business to grow.
Deer Park has its own public library, the Deer Park Public Library. The hamlet is home to two parks, Pine Acres Park and Birchwood Park, located on the northern and southern borders of the town respectively. Notably, the hamlet is also home to the 100 Percent Fun amusement park, which serves to draw in tourists and locals alike.
Deer Park High School serves as the hamlet’s public high school. Middle and elementary public school students have more options; the Robert Frost Middle School, the John F Kennedy Intermediate School, the Lincoln School, the Ascent School and the May Moore Elementary School are all among the options. Notably, the John Quincy Adams Elementary School was erected upon the actual historical Adams’ estate. There are a number of larger colleges and universities within fifteen miles of the hamlet as well.
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[su_spoiler title=”Lindenhurst”]Lindenhurst, officially known as the Incorporated Villager of Lindenhurst, is a village in the town of Babylon within Suffolk County, New York. As of the 2010 US Census, its population was 27,253 and its density was 7,411/square mile. Lindenhurst has a total area of 3.8 square miles, of which 0.1 square miles is water. The village is bordered by three other hamlets and villages and the Great South Bay to the south.
The village of Lindenhurst was initially named Breslau due to the original German settlers from the city of the same name is Silesia. Founded in 1973, the village was renamed Lindenhurst in 1891.
Notable locations within Lindenhurst include the Lindenhurst Memorial Library, Village Hall, and the Fire Department. Additionally, Lindenhurst has two parks on opposite ends of town, the Neguntatogue Park and the Firemens Memorial Park.
Lindenhurst has a large number of public schooling options for middle and elementary level students. These include Lindenhurst Middle School, the Daniel Street School, Our Lady of Perpetual Help School and West Gates Avenue School. High school level students desiring public education can attend the Lindenhurst Senior High School. Farmingdale State College is the closest undergraduate level institution, at about six miles away.
The village of Lindenhurst boasts number of rooms per house and median household income at levels above the averages set by New York State.
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[su_spoiler title=”North Babylon”]The hamlet of North Babylon lies within the Town of Babylon in Suffolk County, NY. As of the 2010 US Census, the population of the hamlet was 17,509 and its density was 5,100/square mile. The hamlet covers a total area of 3.4 square miles, of which 0.1 square miles is water.
North Babylon has gained some notoriety through some of its residents gaining short-term fame. Erik Chopin was the winner of the third season of The Biggest Loser. Valarie Wilson won a million dollar annuity prize in the lottery for the second time in four years. Danny Green came into the limelight through his success in college basketball and ultimately being signed to the NBA.
Notable locations in the hamlet include the North Babylon Public Library and the Fire Department. Additionally, the hamlet is home to Elda Lake, a body of water near its center. North Babylon also contains two parks, the Phelps Lane Memorial Park and the Belmont Lake State Park, providing a much needed respite from suburban life.
Students of middle and elementary schooling level have several public schooling options; the Robert Moses Middle School, the Belmont Elementary School, the Parliament Place School and the Woods Road Elementary School are all among them. High school level students typically attend the North Babylon High School if they desire public education. There are a number of universities and colleges in the area within 20 miles of the hamlet.
The median household income and number of rooms per house in North Babylon both are above state averages.
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[su_spoiler title=”West Babylon”]The census-designated place of West Babylon lies within the Town of Babylon in Suffolk County, NY. As of the 2010 US Census, the population was 43,213 and the density was 5,400/square mile. The area encompassed by West Babylon is 8.0 square miles, of which 0.3 square miles is water. West Babylon is bordered on the south by the Great South Bay and on all other sides by seven other villages and hamlets.
West Babylon has several locations of note. The Bergen Point County Golf Course, the West Babylon Public Library, the Fire Department and the Berkshire Nursing and Rehabilitation Center all are important to the area. Additionally, West Babylon also has two major tourist attractions; the Centro Culturale Italiano Inc and the Gameroom Warehouse serve to draw out-of-towners to the area.
West Babylon’s public elementary and middle schools include the West Babylon Junior High School, the John F Kennedy School, the Forest Avenue School and the Tooker Avenue School. Public high school students attend the West Babylon Senior High School. Hofstra University, Dowling College and Molloy College all are within 15 miles of the area.
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